Week 1 at my artists residency in WY

by Nancy Lovendahl

I’m settled into this residency now.  Got here Nov 9, 2015 and will leave Dec 4.  Ahhh….  I may never go home!  They deliver meals to our doors so as not to bother us!!  Dinner is at 6pm in The School House Building, where my own room is located designed with a sink, comfy chair and original art from past residents.  My huge studio is well designed with a foundation staff who’s job it is to help me succeed.  All this with miles of walking room and no expenses to attend. That is the real gift.  The ranch was established in the late 1800’s and is located between Buffalo and Sheriden.  In 1983, a former oil & gas exec decided he wanted to give back to the community that brought him such wealth.  The Ucross Foundation was born.  Amen, may your road to heaven be paved in gold.  He is 93.

It is very competitive to receive one of these precious residencies, as I have discovered once here.  They select an amazing jury each year plus the board of directors reads like the NY Times Book Review of bestselling authors.  During my month, there are accomplished authors, playwrites (a Pulitzer Prize Winner on this week), a poet, 2 ceramists and me = 9 in all.  Here are a few pics for you to get an idea of this remote jewel in WY:

The view from my walk each way to the studio.  I’m on my way to dinner in the twilight.  The School House is behind me.


The huge cottonwoods are amazing with this magical surprising “something” suspended from the tree swinging in the breeze!TreeHang

My studio outside – The 4 Rock Studios:  Mine is on the rightBackViewStudioBackyardStudio

Day 1 – unpacking inside:Day1

Day 7 – filling the studio up with drawings for a new exhibition I’m creating:IMG_9603