I was born and raised in the Chicago area and escaped what I anticipated would be a predictably dull, suburban life by moving to Colorado.  Before coming west, I attended the University of Illinois studying ceramics.  Ceramics has given way to the incorporation of stone, marble and metal in my current work in studio practice, private and public commissioned art.  Sculpture is my chosen art form to grapple with the very physical landscape here in rural Old Snowmass.

“Nancy Lovendahl’s art has extraordinary beauty of surface and structure.

Yet the classical appearance of her sculpture

contains a disorderly psychological undercurrent.

An artist working in Colorado

with its high mountains, big skies, and clear horizons,

she has taken a vast surrounding nature and brought it within.

These convolution and involutions

are not achieved without this artist’s entering

the discomforting territory of the living,

where organisms, by virtue of their eternal changeability,

make all borders waver.”

Dr. Arlene Raven, Critic, Writer and Arts Advocate

“Her mystical works are intimate and relate not only the artist’s personal quest for meaning in nature and within herself but also point to something of a universal need in this over-cultivated world… to reconnect…to accept a rebalancing of ourselves with nature.  Her works invite a sense of intimacy with nature, creating a physical place in which to do this rebalancing within oneself.”

Ron Kuchta, Editor, American Ceramics; Curator and Dealer – Loveed Fine Arts