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The Power of Limits Is Completed

Western State Colorado University in Gunnison, CO has a new interactive public art sculpture linking their arts departments.  This has been close to a year long project completed and dedicated in September, 2016.  Many thanks go to Julie Feier, CFO of the university for her amazing ability to get things done!

The sculpture is 11’H x 50’W x 25’D

Made of Carved Limestone, Stainless Steel, Rose Quartz Crusher Fines

I was asked to creatively link the Performing & Visual Art Departments at this university.  Pythagoras’ discovery of the harmonic mathematic proportions of unison, octaves & intervals in sound creates a leaf-like form, which we then cut from the center of 5 stone blocks.  These natural proportions are also used by the visual arts for harmony, thus linking both art departments through this interactive, sculptural environment that all students, faculty and visitors can perform in, exhibit sculpture within and explore for many years to come.

THE TEAM:  Artist:  Nancy Lovendahl, Lovendahl Studio; Stone Pre-forming:  Swanson Stone, Sedalia, CO; Carving and Finishing:  Lovendahl Studio; Soils Evaluation:  City of Gunnison, CO;  Foundations & Installation: Christopher Klein Construction, Gunnison, CO; Engineering:  Brian Kurtz Engineering, Glenwood Springs, CO;  Site consultant: Christopher Skully, Arch., Hord Coplan Macht, Denver, CO




A Small Diversion…

I first began this blog to demystify the making of sculpture for any readers inspired to tune in!

Yes- that is the backbone here… however, how about a little pictorial story of the journey, as well??

Strap yourself in… here we go!

How a sculpture begins

A commission comes to an artist for many different reasons.  I’ve been thinking about the process my recent commission, THE GATHERING, followed after the collectors walked through my door at the invitation of a long-time friend and designer.  She and I had worked on many projects over the years and they were always good experiences.  This designer had the uncanny ability to match clients and artists.  No one’s time is wasted as this pro does her due diligence before any calls are made.  This is important to learn about a dealer or contact upfront.  You can’t push them into liking your artwork and at the same time, they’ll remember you if you keep them updated, too.  I’m the fortunate one to work with someone like her and had updated her about what I was carving down the street. Oh, yeah… she lives 2 blocks away making studio visits very easy.  Especially on warm nights when a work day is done!

Unbeknownst to me, these clients and said designer had been looking at my stonework for 3 years before pursuing an outdoor table to sit by a creek in rural Gunnison County, CO.  These weren’t ordinary collectors.  They had an eclectic and loved collection of ethnic and contemporary pieces.  It then turned out that we were all from Chicago.  He had even worked with my late father-in-law in business.  We knew each other in 10″ time.  The designer just smiled and let us roll.  We were off and running putting together a check list of the needs they had collected over the 10 years of living in this extraordinary house out in the country.  So we started….The Gathering - FullView more next post.

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